Studio Culture


12- Hour Cancellation For Group Class

24- Hour Cancellation For Private Training

We have an 12 hour cancellation policy for all group classes. We ask that if you need to cancel your booked session, cancel online on your app or give us a call and cancel by email, phone, or voicemail to be charged $10, $15 if you don’t. Private training has a 24 hour cancellation policy and will result in the loss of your Private and Semi-Private training credit. 

Payment Policy

We are a credit or debit card kind of business due to the ease of autopayments and our three month contracts associated with our memberships. It is much easier for you too, trust us on this one. We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX. Services will not be rendered until services are paid in full. 

We DO accept cash & good checks. There is a $35 fee for bad/returned checks. If cash and checks are your preferred method we are happy to accommodate you, however the first three months of your preferred membership and your sign up fee must be paid in full upfront before you are able to book classes. The same applies to private lessons. 


All of our packages have a 4-month expiration. We want to see results as much as you do and it’s proven that regular and consistent Pilates renders faster and more sustainable results. We have a STRICT no refunds policy. Cool, lets move on.

 Weather Policy

Our studio will willingly ALWAYS place staff and client safety as our FIRST priority. We will always close the studio if Arlington Independent School District  is closed and/or the National Weather Service has deemed our road conditions too dangerous. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you and post our latest announcement on social media and our webpage to keep you well informed. 

Attire & Hygiène

“Couth” /ko͞oTH/

showing or having good manners or sophistication;


Pilates is movement, movement that will have you in positions you never dreamed of. Because of this exciting fact, we recommend for the sake of good couth that you please wear athletic wear with these guidelines in mind.

-You have NO exposed zippers as this could damage the upholstery on our lovely equipment.

-You wear NO long and flowing jewelry as long necklaces, bracelets and large earrings can get snagged and be damaged goods.

-You wear form fitting & non-baggy clothes because T-shirts and bell bottoms will get snagged of the equipment.

-You dress comfortable because Pilates feels good and so should you.

-Please no see through attire, this goes back to COUTH.

We encourage bare feet. We strive to keep the studio spotless. Please try not to walk through the workout areas with your shoes on so we may keep a spotless esthetic for our members.


We love sports bras and we think it’s pretty awesome if you want to wear them without a shirt to workout in, just ensure you have tasteful coverage. If you decide you want to wear shorts, please ensure they are long enough to provide sufficient coverage and allow ease of movement without “migrating”.


Please allow for FULL range of motion by also ensuring full coverage and comfort. Supportive undershorts are recommended if wind shirts at to be worn. In other words, please keep yourself from unintended exposure. Shirts are also required. 

Let’s move on.


As a member or drop in client at Century Pilates we want you to have a truly superior experience. With that experience in mind please note our following policies regarding this topic:

Fresh nail polish

We encourage our members to treat themselves to all of life’s luxuries, and if one of those luxuries is freshly polished nails, we ask that you please opt for dip or gel manicures & pedicures to save the upholstery of our lovely equipment from paint scuffs that are otherwise nearly impossible to remove without damaging the equipment. 

Body Odor

“Well this is awkward _________ you stink.” If hygiene becomes a matter of concern that is consistently effecting other members then it becomes a topic we will address privately with members or clients who have become nose-blind to themselves. Oh yes, you are going to sweat and we will take it personally if you don’t, but just rest assured, we keep our restrooms fully equipped with deodorant options. Check it out.


Long Hair? How lovely. Make sure its secured back in a ponytail, bun or braid to ensure it doesn’t get caught on the equipment. We keep complementary hair ties in the bathroom for you Fabio’s out there.


Cell Phones

Screen addiction is a real thing. We believe that in order to be present and committed to your practice you need to strike a balance in your life. ALL devices must be on silent at ALL times. Please take this one seriously. We understand the occasional emergency phone call  or work “thing” because we are human too. COUTH.

No Children Allowed

Please respect that due to safety considerations and limited space, children are not permitted in the studio. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your scheduled session to ensure you will not have to cancel your class within our cancelation windows.

Studio Zen

Please note that clients are in the zone when they are in the midst of executing a carefully planned and life changing Pilates sessions. Take into consideration their experience as if it were your own. Keep a soft and respectful tone while class is in session. We know it’s always awkward when, as an adult, you get “hushed”, but just KNOW you may get “hushed,” and we can still be friends after.  

Our studio is essentially YOURS for the 45 to 55 minutes you have it booked. Take this time to treat it like the upscale boutique that it is. Keep your space tidy, clean up after yourself, wipe down equipment to the ceanliness standards you would want. 

Our studio is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items, but we have taken extra steps to ensure that your items are kept safe by providing lockers.

We like to be made aware of areas that we can improve upon. Our commitment in providing a superior experience for our members and private clients, is also dependent upon your feedback, so if your experience could be improved , we would love to hear your opinion on the matter.